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In southern Italy, water buffalo milk is put to delicious uses. Barilotto, a type of ricotta salata made near Salerno, is firm-textured with a fresh, bright saltiness balanced by buttery undertones. It comes in an attractive, slightly slanted half-pound cylinder with the medieval stamp of Casa Madaio, the producer, on the top, making it worth presenting, whole, on a cheese board. Grace’s Marketplace, Zabar’s, Ideal Cheese and Formaggio Essex, all in Manhattan, and Blue Apron in Brooklyn sell it for around $11.95, and it can be ordered from formaggiokitchen.com.

Buffalo milk is also turned into butter, some of which has also made its way to New York markets. Fattoria Garofalo Burro di Bufala, in a black wrapper with a silhouette of a friendly buffalo on it, is the palest gold, with a meadow-fresh flavor that has a hint of nutty complexity, and a decent butterfat content of 82 percent. It is $6.99 for 250 grams (almost 9 ounces) at Food Emporium supermarkets.



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