Castelcivita, whose population was mainly devoted to sheep farming, has a far past. In old Abjou documents is named as Civita Pantuliano, a little village described as characterized by fortifications.

At first sight, driving to the village, it looks like a cascade of houses that slides down from the mountaintop to the valley, a touch of pink, a color crayon in the middle of the green of the trees. It’s there the treasure of Casa Madaio. In a natural stone structure in which time captures the smells, the character of the mature cheeses, in order to translate flavors into a real experience of the senses.

In the spring, in the silent caves bundles of rosemary, bay and sage give irreproducible fresh fragrances that will enrich cheese. The finest ones: caciocavallo Vetus, the Mastorazio, the Cinerino, the Calcagno and Infossato.

Casa Madaio srl
via Roma 23, 84020 Castelcivita SA
via Marino da Eboli 9, 84025 Eboli SA

tel +39 0828 364 815
fax +39 0828 333 096

EFSR EU Repubblica Italiana Regione Campania

La nostra partecipazione al TASTE 2019 (STAND B/22 – Stazione Leopolda – Firenze) è cofinanziata dall’Unione Europea, dallo Stato Italiano e dalla Regione Campania nell’ambito del POR Campania FESR 2014-2020.