il burro di bufala
    forma da 250 g

    Butter represents the product obtained through mechanical operations from cream, form whey or form their mix. The traditional process through which butter is obtained is called zangolatura – beating the milk cream to produce the breaking of fat corpuscles’s external membrane, separating the watery part, called latticello, from the fat and fluid part, called butter. […]

    il cubetto
    astuccio da 200 g
    € 5.10

    I cubetti alle olive sono l’anima festosa del calore Mediterraneo. Un formaggio fresco prodotto con latte appena munto di vacca e bufala.

    il cuor di burrata
    astuccio da 250 g
    € 3.70

    Cuor di burrata is the result of rich milk combined with our desire to offer fresh, pleasant, easy-to-use products. The milk we use comes form small stock farms. It is a cheese composed by chopped drawn curds and fresh cream. It has a sweet taste and a creamy melting consistency. It should be served at […]

    il teneri
    astuccio da 200 g
    € 4.60

    Teneri is the buffalo ricotta from Casa Madaio. The high biological value of the whey proteins makes it suitable for both children and the elderly, it is a precious ingredient in the culinary tradition of the mediterranean diet. Although ricotta is, therefore, a cheese, it is not produced by using coagulated milk, but by heating […]

    la mozzarella bufala DOP
    6 vaschette da 250g (confezione da 1.5 kg)
    € 22.20

    Buffalo Mozzarella has sustained generation of breeders and arouses enthusiasm in anyone who is able to recognise the inimitable taste of mozzarella made with this kind of milk. Buffalo Mozzarella is recognised as a cheese with Protected Designation of Origin. It is the queen of all drawn cheeses and it is versatile and exquisitely sweet. […]

    lo yogurt intero di bufala
    vasetto da 100 g
    € 22.80

    It’s a natural set yogurt, meaning that the coagulation takes place in the container, giving the yogurt greater thickness and density. The clear glass container, which let’s you see the product, is completely recyclable. What’s more, the fresh fruit isn’t mixed in, it’s at the bottom of the container for a delicious, new taste experience. […]

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