The infossato

Sheep’s milk

The custom of burying the cheese has been handed down over the centuries as an integral part of the rural traditions of the place. The origin of this practice goes back to the need to hide food from banditry frequent at that time. Forced to this type of need over time it became clear that the cheese in that environment had a gradual ripening and during its fermentation phase it was able to mix the aromas of the fresh herbaceous present in the milk, with those of the dry straw present as a pillow on the pit wall.

After years of studies Casa Madaio revisits this custom in a modern way, reproducing in the caves of Castelcivita an environment similar to that found inside the pits. The result is the Infossato, pecorino with a strong and aromatic flavor. The cheese sprinkled with aromatic herbs is left to mature for at least 8 months.