like every year, Casa Madaio chooses for their clients the best cheeses to prepare the exclusives “premium boxes”. Un’edizione limitata di 3 box natalizie da regalare agli amanti del buon cibo e ai veri intenditori di formaggi.


In the premium boxes you will find the best seasoned and semi-seasoned cheeses with acutting board by Casa Madaio: accessory with an innovative design, used for cutting the cheese and for its presentation.

Sapori Cilentani

Il Cinerino, il Tozzetto, il Barilotto, il Rosso,il Cientano ai Fichi, il Caprotto, lo Sfogliato and Il Calcagno.

Profumi Cilentani

Il Cinerino, il Tozzetto, Il Barilotto, il Cilentano ai Fichi, il Caprotto, il Calcagno, il Rosso sliced.

Profumi di pascoli

Il Caprotto, il CIlentano ai fichi, il Calcagno and il Barilotto.


Here is a taste of our cheeses.

Il Cinerino: one of the most ancient traditions in the Cilento area lives within this cheese. Every 13 of June, in honor of St. Antonybonfires are lit to celebrate the passage to the “bella stagione” (good season).The ashes are gathered and used to cover the cheeses and prepared for the seasoning process in the caves.

Il Caprotto: the typical Cilento Cheese is from goat’s milk, and contains in itself the perfume and the tastes of the mountain. Made from goat’s milk, rennet and salt it’s worked using the technique of cooked curd cheeses and it’s seasoning process goes from three months to almost one year.

Il Calcagno: it’s the result of the Sardinian sheep farms and recalls the sweetness and the rigor of the Mediterranean seasons. Made with sheep’s milk, calf’s rennet and salt , the seasoning period it’s never under 120 days. It gives its best on dishes to grant them with a special touch and that’s why it’s greatly appreciated form the best cheese experts. The best way to eat it it’s with a loaf of homemade bread and a glass of good young red wine or a dry white wine.


Il Barilotto: it plays a new role in the world of classic salted ricotta. This semi-seasoned cheese is left to drain for eight days, to free it from all the whey in excess. Later it’s covered with salt and left in the seasoning room for 40 days. During this period the pieces are rotated 45 degrees to grant a uniform drying.

Il Cilentano ai Fichi: this cheese is made from the balance of two milks: sheep’s and cow’s milk. The main ingredient is the Calcagno seasoned for 2 years, which is turned into a creamy paste adding fresh ricotta, everything is then enriched with sweet figs gathered with care and left to dry on reed’s racks.

At Christmas every moment is magic if shared with people you love. Celebrate your loved ones with a premium box, it’s a simple and loving act.

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